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First Floor, Melbourne Eastern Healthcare Village (MEHV)

157 Scoresby Rd. Boronia 3155

Tel. 8720 3600
Fax: 9729 7026

Doctors Care Clinic
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Medical Specialists

Medical Specialists who are consulting at the DCN consulting suites (in alphabetical order of specialty & within specialty)



(see also Respiratory & Sleep below & Dr. David Cutting - paediatric allergist)


Dr Andrew Gillman is a consultant physician in Respiratory, Sleep and Clinical Allergy now seeing adult patients on Wednesday afternoons.

Andrew has over 5 years of specialist practice experience including at The Alfred Hospital.

Services provided include:

Sleep Medicine - Full sleep assessments, Snoring, Obstructive sleep apnoea, Insomnia, Restless Legs

Clinical Allergy - Allergic Rhinitis and Non allergic rhinitis, Desensitisation, Skin prick testing

Respiratory Medicine - Asthma, COPD

Research interests include Severe and Allergic Asthma.

Contact: 87203600



Heart of Melbourne Cardiology





Dr. Shilpa Verma is an Indian Endocrinologist in Boronia, Melbourne Specialising in Endocrinologist Services.

Dr. Shilpa Verma can speak English, Hindi, Marathi languages.

Telephone: (03) 9720 3388    Telephone: (03) 8720 3600




Gastrolab provides diagnostic testing for gastrointestinal disorders, including hydrogen and methane testing for a range of carbohydrate malabsorptions and other gut disorders.

Contact: Bookings: 1300 624 771; email: enquiries@gastrolab.com.au; Website: www.gastrolab.com.au


DR REG HANSON, gastroenterologist
Dr Hanson is a gastroenterologist

Contact: Bookings:  9758 9677 (rooms)


DR KEN TAN, gastroenterologist / hepatologist
Dr Tan is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist with special interests in viral hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, gastrointestinal malignancy, and endoscopy procedures including Pill Cam endoscopy.
Dr Tan also speaks Mandarin..

Contact: Bookings: 8720 3600




Dual-trained Nephrologist and General Physician

Graduated from University of Melbourne in 2001

Underwent physician training at Austin Health and Eastern Health, and then further sub-specialty training in Nephrology at Geelong Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

Additional post-fellowship training in Intensive Care Medicine, having worked at Intensive Care Units across Eastern Health and Monash Medical Centre.

Interests include acute kidney injury, electrolyte abnormalities, critical care, glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapy.

Holds public appointment at Angliss Hospital, and consults privately at Ringwood and DCN, as well as being a RACP Educational Supervisor at Eastern Health

Welcomes both Renal and General Medical referrals

Speaks Cantonese

Contact: Bookings: 8720 3600



DR JAMES PANG, geriatrician & general physician

Dr James Pang  MBBS FRACP Dip Pall Med (RACP) is a Geriatrician and General Physician. He holds public appointments as a Geriatrician with Southern Health, General Physician at Casey Hospital, Berwick, and as a Pain Medicine Physician at the Angliss Hospital.

He has a particular interest in dementia, and the complex elderly patient. He is also happy to see younger adults with complex medical problems and can offer non-interventional pain management for chronic non-malignant pain, and cancer pain.

Dr Pang can be contacted via the MEHV on 8720 3600 and for patient discussion on 9387 1000.

Please note that he currently is unable to see residential care patients unless they are able to travel to the rooms.

He also welcomes correspondence via Argus secure email on drpangargus@bigpond.com


DR BRENTON TAY, geriatrician & general  physician

Graduated from Monash University Medical School in 1998 and later continued postgraduate training in internal medicine at Southern Health and Alfred Health; obtained fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 2006, specialising in Geriatric Medicine; started working as a consultant Geriatrician at Alfred Health in 2007, incorporating General and Geriatric medicine as well as rehabilitation. He speaks Mandarin and is interested in all facets of geriatric medicine. He will also do general medical consultations. He is willing to visit Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Appointments through DCN main line 87203600


DR SUNIL THOTA, geriatrician

Services Provided:

  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
  • Dementia assessment & management
  • Complex medical management of chronic disease in the elderly
  • Falls management
  • ACAS review
  • Chronic wound management
  • Chronic pain management
  • Nursing Home Visits

Referral details for nursing home visits:

    Fax: 8669 4071                                      Email: sunilthota@gmail.com

    Now Admitting at The Melbourne Eastern Private Hospital
    Boronia appointments: 8720 3600



DR JOHN LY, Neurologist & Stroke Physician & DR. YONG LEE, Neurologist & Clinical Neurophysiologist

Infinite Neurology is aimed to provide a comprehensive Neurology and Neurophysiology service. Clinical consultation is available on a variety of neurological conditions including epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and stroke prevention. Nerve conduction study and Electromyography are available on site.

Dr John Ly is a neurology consultant with expansive experience in neurology and expertise in the field of stroke. He graduated from the University of Melbourne MBBS in 1996. He entered neurology program at the Western General and Austin Hospital with extensive training in the area of general neurology, neurophysiology, epilepsy, movement disorder and stroke. He went on to undertake a stroke Fellowship at the National Stroke Research Institute in the area of stroke, neuroimaging, and cerebral amyloidosis. He has published widely in these areas. Currently he is a neurology consultant at Southern Health, Monash Medical Centre and Dandenong Hospital.

Dr Yong Lee graduated from Monash University (MBBS, Hons) in 1997. After passing the basic physician examinations (FRACP) in 2001, he entered into Neurology training programme at the Austin Hospital and Monash Medical Centre before extending his Fellowship in the United Kingdom.  He was based at St Bartholomews Hospital and The Royal London Hospital (London) for two years and completed their formal training in Clinical Neurophysiology. Since returning to Australia, he has been working as a Consultant Neurologist at Monash Medical Centre. Dr. Lee has strong interest in Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular Diseases and Epilepsy.  Part of his ongoing research project involves the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in assessing cortical excitability in patients with idiopathic generalised epilepsy.

For all referrals please contact: Infinite Neurology, appts: 8376 6306, fax: 8376 6359




Dr Lim is a medical oncologist (non-haematologist) with a particular interest in gastrointestinal (colorectal and upper GI) oncology, lung cancers, and all solid tumours.  He is a member of the senior medical staff at Maroondah and William Angliss Hospitals, and provides services in chemotherapy, outpatient and inpatient care also at Ringwood Private and Knox Hospitals.

Dr Lim will be consulting at Melbourne Eastern Healthcare Village, on site with Melbourne Eastern Private Hospital.

Contact: Bookings:  9879 2777 (rooms); Discuss patients:  0438 773 767 (mobile)



DR NICOLE ROBINS-BROWNE, general paediatrician

She trained at the Royal Children's Hospital, and now works at both the William Angliss Hospital and the Doctors Care Network. She has experience in a wide range of paediatric problems and can assist with managing medical problems from birth to adolescence.

She has a particular interest in:
-developmental medicine
-asthma, eczema, and hayfever
-general child health.

Appointments through main DCN line: 8720 3600



DR DAVID CUTTING, paediatrician & allergist

Special Interests in :


  •    Eczema
  •    Food Allergy
  •    Rhinitis
  •    Urticaria
  •    Immunotherapy - Sub lingual & Subcutaneous

  Continence / Bedwetting / Day wetting / Soiling

   All of the Above !

  General Paediatrics

Child Development Issues - Child Behaviour Issues - (The Works !)
Dr David Cutting would like all his appt bookings to be made at his main rooms on 9739 7250
Further information at www.drdcutting.com.au



Dr VICTORIA PEARSE, psychiatrist

Special interests, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Ph 87203600


Dr SUSAN GRAHAM, psychiatrist

Special interests, General Adult & Old Age Phychiatry/Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Ph 87203600


Ph 8720 3600



(see also Allergy & Sleep above)


Centurion Sleep Clinics is a full-service sleep  clinic, providing specialist sleep consultations as well as the  following procedures:

  • Full polysomnographic sleep studies;
  • Home-based ambulatory sleep studies; and
  • CPAP management program.

Centurion provides bulk billing for:

  • Specialist consultations for all Healthcare Card and Pension Card holders;
  • Home-based ambulatory sleep studies for all patients (bulk billed and private patients)
  • CPAP compliance consultations

Medical Team

Dr Penny Wong, Respiratory & Sleep Physician

1.BORONIA 157 Scoresby Road
2.BERWICK 1 Gibb Street

Contact Information: Telephone: 1300 469 083   Fax: 1300 469 087

Email: info@centurionhealthcare.com.au          Website: www.centurionhealthcare.com.au




 Dr Li is a rheumatologist with special interests in inflammatory arthritis, regional musculoskeletal pain syndromes, gout and connective tissue diseases. He holds a public appointment in General Medicine and Rheumatology at Box Hill Hospital. 

 Dr Li is consulting at MEHV and he speaks Chinese (Mandarin).

Contact: Bookings 8720 3600, Email: accessrheum@hotmail.com





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